myharbors App Features

Meet Boaters, Make New Friends

Meet, follow and friend boaters

Easily locate members and info from your favorite harbors

Attract new friends with boating profile

Post news, reviews, comments, photos, videos

Manage all your activity from your own home page

Connect With Clubs

Join ready-made harbor, marina and regional clubs

Create your own clubs — sailing, fishing, paddling, regattas, places, anything!

Invite and manage your membership, public or private

Post news, share advice, comments, photos, videos

Plan your activities with integrated club calendar


Get More Crewz Time on the Water

Join our Crewz Club ride-matching service

List your boat and location 

Post your sailing dates and crew needs 

Help man the boat or just ride for fun

Crewz new boats, new harbors, new friends! 

List Your Business, Places, Favorites

List and track your favorite businesses, services, places

Publicize events, shows, races, festivals, activities

Learn from locals about your favorite harbors and destinations

Collect Member ratings; post comments, news, photos, videos

Leverage Facebook, Twitter, Instagram 


Buy and Sell Stuff

Post boating stuff in our classified ads

Rent or sell boats, equipment, slips, homes,  and more!

Offer services, jobs, and lessons

Reach the most qualified audience 

Shop all year for cool stuff in our Gear Store

Get All The Latest Boating Info

Read our Boating News feed, updated continuously

Follow fun topics spanning life on the water 

Get latest boating conditions for your favorite harbors

Includes weather forecast, tides, wind, waves and NOAA marine charts 

Member posts about what's happing now in the places you boat


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